Saturday, 27 December 2014

 A documentary: Kyle Cooper 

Kyle Cooper is accredited with what?

Is a man who single handed revitalised the main title sequence as an art form.

What does he think makes a good title sequence?

He says " it makes you thrilled to be in the threaher at this moment, getting ready to see the movie.
It makes you glad that you're nowhere else in the world except where you are now and getting ready to see something amazing".

What is important about the font used in the film Seven?

Identifies key aspects of the film

What reasons does he give for liking the following title sequences?

Dead zone:

  1. Simple typography 
  2. music was great 
To kill A Mockingbird:
  1. It is beautifully photographed; marbles distort the background
  2. The typography is being intergrated 
  3. Focused on the macro objects
What does he mean by a "story based" main title sequence?

Something that has been more comfortable to him: specific back story but also a metaphor or a poster like pun that has to do specifically on what film it is.

What problems might a studio face after an audience test screening?

  • They might not have the enough of a budget to go another shoot or scene where they realise that the test audience doesn't seem to understand 
Why do the 2.5 minutes of the title sequence become important for the studio? 
  • To become another scene the movie, become a prolong 
  • Help put in some information that the audience didn't seem to get or got left out

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