Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Task 1 : Audience

 - What is an audience?
An audience is an individual or a collection of people that are watching/observing/consuming a product, such as a film or a television program.

 - How do we define target audience?

The primary group of people that something, usually an advertising campaign, is aimed at appealing to.

 - Why is it useful for a film to have a target audience?
 It is important because they determine the content of your film. You need to have a good demographics in order to be able to have a good content to appeal to the specific audience and then also when it comes to the stage to market the product effectively. The target audience can be called the base of the film.

- Which audiences to you think teen dramas appeal to ?

In my opinion teen dramas appeal to are obviously teenagers/young adults around 16-25 years old. It appeals to both genders because it addresses  themes that teenagers can relate to which makes them engage into the film.
Most of them are studying in school, college or university .
Their interests are probably go out with their friends, perhaps go shopping, do at least a kind of sport e.g. Football volleyball, draw, watch movies, use the internet
In terms of personality they may be funny,kind, clever, loving, moody sentimental, withdrawn, lazy, outgoing and perhaps understanding.
Their general interest are : sex and relationships, people and celebrities, video games.

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