Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Evaluation of the success of my pratical activity

  • What went well ?

 In my opinion the sound was pretty good, it took a bit long to be good but it was worth it. The voice over was really well structured and understandable which combined perfectly with the scene. The non-diegetic, background sound that was played right after the voice over was well structured was well, matching with the scenes shown on the clip. The sequence of shots in the clip, showing the different parts of school ( the watch, the corridor, the lockers), was really good, making a strong bond with the voice over. Our work as a group worked and went very well as well, we distributed the tasks so none of us would feel left out - almost everyone in the group was intergrated ( besides our forth member, which was not in college, on the moment).The title sequence went well as well even though it was quite long. We used different colours and positions to variate the title credits.
Finally another thing that went well was that we learned new things : how to omit the sound of a scene\clip, how to record a voice over, how to incorporate the voice over in the clip.

  • What did not went so well ?

Well our planing stage was quite clumsy. This was shown on the other stages , like in editing: because we didn't completed it fully we had to waste time watch the original clip to write all the title credits - something that we should of done when we were planing. Another problem was our video drive. On the lesson that we started editing ( we had ordered all the scenes, and organised some of the sound ), we had saved the work that we done but on the next day, in the workshop, where we were about to continue the editing of the clip- the clip was not on the video drive, it disappeared. This had a big impact on the editing stage, as we were lacking of time.
Some of the shots that we made during production were a bit clumsy as well. An exampla of this was when we were recording the girl number 1 (Eunice) coming inside the college, then walking through the corridor, then sitting down.Next we filmed the girl number 2 (Sarene) doing the same journey, but when it gets to the part that she was sitting at the table, the girl number 1 was not there; it was like she was never there. Unfortunately, we only realised this when we started editing.

  • What will you do for your next pratical activity to be better ?

Next time we will fully do our planning,leaving, no gaps, which is one of the  key stages. We will be very careful when recording the scenes so it makes sence . Make sure we always save our work in the video drive.

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