Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Genre is the type or category of a film. This is useful when discussing film because it helps to group or organise different films according to what they are about (syntactic) and what they look  (semantic) . This is a key to a film because :

  1. helps producers make their film;
  2. helps producers market their film to audiences;
  3. helps audiences decide which films they like and want to see.

Teen drama films is a film with a major focus on teenagers and young adults . They often deal with the tough ups and downs of adolescence (romance, friendship, school).

How the title credits may differ ?

  • Mean Girls title credits are much longer than My Brother The Devil. This is because the company that made Mean Girls (Paramount) is a conglomerate company, so they have lots of money which makes them able to have a bigger cast: more actors and more people to help make the movie. This contrasts with My Brother The Devil which had a very limited money to spend.

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