Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How To Create Sound Tracks in Garageband

  1. Open garageband.
  2. Another window will pop up allowing you to name your project. Click "create".
  3. Pick new project
  4. Pick loops
  5. If the loops are closed, just go to the lower left an click on the button which looks like an eye
  6. Then you are shon the different genres, and you click on the ne that you want 
  7. Then you have the different sounds for that genre, you pick one, and drag it to the middle
  8. When you are finished, you go to the top and click share
  9. Then click on the option that fits you the most
Tip : start your sound track with a simple sound (not wild or "loud") .
You don't always have to pick the option "Loops", you can pick an instrument ( if you are using an instrument) or even if you are using your\ a voice.

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