Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Genre and Sub-Genre

Summary of the title sequence in High School drama title:-

The high school drama title we looked at was Mean Girls, it is a well known film that many teenager know. Firstly the film, started off with displaying the production company name and then followed by the main characters name (Lindsey Lohan) and then the name of the film. This then followed with a scene from the film and then whilst the film was playing the names of the other cast moved across the screen. The font of the names was bold and the colours of the first name was different from the last name, making the name stand out in already playing film. This film is mostly comedy and of course fiction as nearly all films.

Summary of the title sequence for Youth drama film:-

In this youth drama film, the titles started of with the production company and then followed by the films sponsors, listed one by one, this was displayed on a black screen. The titles font was bold but much simpler than the other title sequence we looked at. The genre of the film is a mixture of horror and comedy, which is a very popular genre for teenagers. In this film the cast are mostly shown at the end of the film during the credits because it is a youth film, which means most of the actors are not well-known as Mean Girls.

Differences between both sequences:-

There was some similarities and differences of both films title sequences. One similarity is that both had bold fonts for the titles, this was important especially because the title sequence for Attack the block was behind a black screen which meant the font of the title sequence will make it stand out. However, the title sequence in Mean Girls had different colours, for the first name a range of oranges or yellows and a different colour for the last name like white or pink.
another difference between both film sequences were, in Attack the Block the titles were displayed on a black screen and then the film followed. Whereas, in Mean Girls the titles were showing during the beginning of the film, sliding in from one side. Both films have comedy, but a difference is Attack the Block is also a horror which is very popular with young adults.

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