Sunday, 28 December 2014

Task 8

What is genre?

Genre refers to the 'type'/ 'class' of a film in the media industry.
The aim of genres is to categorise and organise  a large set of films into a small number of groups; which is a helpful way to inform an audience what the film is about.
Relating it to Altman's theory we can say that:

  • A micro approach of sub genres is semantic which is the way the film looks.
  • A macro approach is called synaptic which is what the story of the film tells.

What is teen drama film?
It is a specific category of films that focuses mainly on teenagers.

Teen drama title sequence:

Pie chart showing the list of genres and the percentage of
people that prefer the specific genre.

Youth drama:

Kidulthood list of credits:    
Hanway films
Stealth films/ cipher films productions
in association with TMC films

High school:

Mean girls:
Where the company that made this movie (Paramount) has a larger budget which means that they can afford to recruit more casting crews/actors. In comparison to Kidulthood where their budget is limited which makes their credits a lot shorter due to less people in production stage.

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