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Name : Fish Tank 
Sub-genre : Youth Drama
Title Credits 
  1. The Criterion Collection
  2. IFC Films
  3. BBC Films
  4. Awarding Funds    
    from The National Lottery
  5. UK Films Council
  6. Fish Tank
 Producer : Kees Kasander and Nick Laws

What type or category of title sequence does the film have ?
Titles on a black screen.

Is the film mainstream or independent?
It is an independent british production.

What storylines or plots are introduced in the film's opening ?

  • Coming of age
  • Conflict within relationships
  • Romance
  • Conflict with an older generation
  • Sexuality and sexually atractive
Who are the main characters ?

 Mia ( Kate Jarvis )

Joanne ( Kierston Wareing ) , Mia's mother

Connor ( Michael Fassbender), Joanne's boyfriend.

What social groups are we introduced to in the film's opening scene ?

The gang\  The bad boys

The mean girls

The weird girl\ The unsocial girl

The adults

The children

How do the teen\youth characters interact with adults ?
The youth in the movie interact with adults in a very abusive, disrespectful way. They are extremly rebellious, violent and portray adutls as annoying, careless and stupid. 

Camera - What are the main shot types used in the film ?
  • mid shots
  • establishing shots
  • mostly handheld movement
Editing - What kind of editing techniques does the film use ?

    -> Jump cuts
    -> Ellipsis
    -> Eyeline match
    -> Editing for Perspective
 No special effects. Mia, the protagonist, has the most screen time throughout the whole film.

Sound - What kind of soundtrack does the film have ?

The sound present in the film is mostly diegetic :

  • mia plays rap music when she is dancing
  • when mia's mum does a party in her house she plays music
  • when connor plays music in his car 
  • when mia plays music at the audition
  • when the group of girl are dancing
  • etc..

Mise-en-scene :
  • What lighting techniques are in the film ?
         Throughout the film we are shown different lighing techniques and colour patterns.
         During this scene, the colour pattern is : dark yellow and black shades. In where is quite dark,              so it's taking place at night. Whereas on the other scene, where she is drinking the beer, is                    ocurring during the day which means the light is much brighter but it looks like a cloudy day.

  • What key locations or settings do we see in the film ?

        Mia's mother house : the kitchen, the living room, mia's bedroom, joanne's bedroom.


 The abandoned\empty flat, where Mia practices her dance moves.

  • What are the key props in the film ?
       -  Mia's black bag, where she carries her cd's, cd player and speakers. The dance is a way to                   escape the world she lives in, till the realism kicks in.
      -  The cigarette that Joanne is always smoking, which signifies bad health and insecurity but it is             also a reminder of Joanne's adult position.

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