Sunday, 1 February 2015


Wednesday 29th  of January 2015

As a group we decided to film on this day, and when looking at the weather days before we were promised that it would not rain, However coming to that day, the weather was absolutely horrid and it stopped us dramatically from doing any type of filming. We decided to not travel to Hackney Marshes because it would truly we a waste of time, so we decided to go to a closer location, a canal on City Road.

This was quite good at the beginning but as we started filming and tried to film, it would begin to rain and as I most important thing (the camera) we had to protect it from the rain as it would get damaged.
We however was able to film a few shots, when we finally decided to stop filming because we couldn't risk damaging the camera and the weather was getting worse by the minute.
It was an extremely disappointing day.

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