Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Looking at Opening Scenes


Today we took a look at our footage and had a talk with or teacher on ways to improve our title sequence. We felt quite lost and unsure of what to do so with the help of our teacher we took a look at some title sequences such as Shank, Kidulthood, Attack the Block and Beautiful Thing. This gave us some ideas in how to do our title sequence better. 
Below are few opening scenes and the parts that we would like to use. 

Shank opening scene :

  • We really liked the way they done the scene where the boy is running way from the guy in the motto. It uses a range of shots such as close ups and  medium shots to show the by running coveying urgency and danger. 
  • Also we like the way the title credits are, especially the actors names : where they actually show the characters moving . So this animated title sequence is good.
  • Finally, we also liked the way they establish the location and mood. Some of the title credits ( from production design to written and produced) had a background that gave tips of the location : the buildings tells us that the film will be in a urban area; the barbed wire and the CCTV camera tells us that the film (may) involves the police/ prison. 

Kidulthood opening scene:  

  • We really liked the way the clip uses fast and slow motion to introduce the different groups in school.
  • We also liked the way they cross cut from breaktime to troy using the machine. 
Conclusion :
  1. We need to include establishing shots of the location where we filming.
  2. Stick to our storyboard.
  3. We using cross cut to relate 2 scenes. 
  4. We will use a variaty of shots. 

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