Wednesday, 11 February 2015


 This is the rock we used in our title sequence. 


This part of the pitch was made by Jessica. 
She covered the following points :

7) Mise-en-scene - Location & Setting  
    a) Which locations will you use ?
    b) Which settings will you use ?

8) Mise-en-scene - Props, costumes. make up etc
    a. Which props do you intend to use - show evidence
    b. Which costumes have you created and for which characters - sow evidence
    c. What other aspects of mise-en-scene have you planned for?

9) Sound Design
   a. What  diegetic and non diegetic sound do you intend to use and why  ?
   b. Play a rough soundscape that you have designed for your title sequence with some explanation           for your choice of sounds.

10) Title Credits
    a. What will your title credits look like ?
    b. Do you intend to create them in Motion or in FCP ?
    c. Play or briefly introduce a rough template of the titles you intend to do .

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