Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Presented to class on the midle of January
 ** We already posted the teacher's feedback. 

 This part of the pitch was made by Simona.
She covered the following points:

1) The film
     a. What is the title of your film
     b. What's the treatment - give a very brief outline of the whole film, then a brief outline of the                  opening to the film.

2) What type of title sequence is it ?
     a. Do you intend to have a discrete, styled, narrative or animated title  sequence ?
     b. What real title sequences have influenced you?
     c. Do you intend to conform or challenge these openings?

3) What type (subgenre) of Teen  Film is it ?
    a. Which real teen film title sequences have inspired you and why ?
    b. Do you intend to comform or challenge these openings ?

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