Thursday, 26 February 2015

My Feedback about Rough Cut 2

What went well ? 
  • The sound that we added when the balloon is falling works in a very effective way  along with the slow motion added  to the same scene as well.
  • In this rough cut you can see that we've added a rewind of the attack to emphasize the idea that we are going  back in time. It worked well because  gives the audience a clearer view about what happened to Mia.

What did no went well ? 
  • The effects added   in the establishing shots look very ineffective : 
  1. the effect on the building
  2. the change of colour in the house is not consistent, so appears to have no meaning
  • the last establishing shot is unnecessary because the shot before shows exactly the same thing.
  • Some of the establishing shots are too quick, the  audience  cannot see them properly.
  • Is not clear that the attacker took off the scarf of  Mia 
  • When the attacker hits Mia the scene looks a little dark which contrasts, when the next scene shows her running (this is before she runs downhill )  which lighter. This makes the edit look clumsy. 
  • The close up of Mia's feet running is too slow.
  • The red colour added on the tree does not work at all because again is not consistent throughout the title sequence. 
  • Party scene still too long.
What it needs to be improved ? 
  • Make establishing shots even in time, so i will use slow motion to do so. 
  • Improve sound.
  • Take off the red colour in the scene of the trees.
  • Take off the darkness added when the attacker hits Mia.
  • Use fast motion in the scene of  Mia's feet  running.
  • Delete the last establishing shot.
  • Decide the effects we will be using in the establishing shots, be consistent with it. 
  • Include to the title sequence the scene when the attacker takes off Mia's scarf.
  • Do some close  ups on the party scene.
  • Make end clearer. 

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