Thursday, 12 February 2015

My Feedback about Rough Cut 1

  • Well, in my opinion the establishing shots are too jumpy, so maybe adding an effect would make it less jumpy. When the attacker hits Mia, she is  shocked but looks at the camera, so this little part needs to be cut out. I particularly liked when it cuts to when i am running downhill, the range of shots is quite good. Another thing that i quite liked was the sound of the heartbeat on the black screen even though it needs to be edited more to covey that she dies at that moment. The blue balloon scene is quick, so it looks odd. Also when the scene before mentioned ends and cuts to Mia walking it makes my audience feel quite lost and confused. So i need to make that clearer. I am pleased with the cross cut of Mia walking to the party scene and back again, making this two scenes relate to each other because the party is actually for Mia. However the party scene looks very long because there is no range of shots along with the fact that one of the actors looks at the camera -- something that needs to be also cut out. 

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