Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Pitch

With our ideas decided for our title sequence, we had to present our idea's to our teacher, and try to convince them that our idea will work our to create an effective piece of work. In our group we allocated different slides which we would read, however I decided not to just stand and read off the slide as it does become quite boring to listen to and therefore I decided to summarise each slide I was given and interact with people watching our pitch. This was effective because we were able to interact and display our idea's to the audience, and make it more interesting, which at points were vital as there was a lot of information on display so we had to make sure the audiences focus didn't not differ.Things we did well:-
  • We had a clear idea and structure for the title sequence.
  • There was a clear description of what and where we will be filming our title sequence
  • There was an example for the sound

Things to improve:-Filming a party scene is one of the most difficult scenes to film, so planning is essential.Make sure we plan when we will film because as we are filming in an open space, there will be a very high risk of rain.

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