Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Updated production schedule

Updated Production schedule:

As we were supposed to film on Saturday 24th January we couldn't as personal issues occurred: church, illness & time issue. Therefore we decided to film on a college day: on Wednesday 28th January, we managed to film a small chunk of filming, mostly filming about the main plot as to why the "villain" doesn't like the "victim".

Change in costume

We changed the costume that the main character had to wear- instead of wearing a school uniform we decided to let her wear her normal, comfortable clothes to film because we think that "Mia" would look too innocent, even though she is quite bad.

Change in scene

The recent scene we made, where the characters were filmed outside, sitting on a bench, gathering together is now been scraped. The reason why we don't want to add this, is because we think that there is a lot of dialogue and not enough fast, sudden shots. We assumed that we weren't doing a title sequence, instead it felt like we were doing a"film", which we didn't like. Instead what we now try to do is only get shots of images of the area and any objects that represents a young, ghetto atmosphere. We believe doing the outside party is the main bit of our title sequence and the attack but in a faster and more of a mixture of a discrete and narrative opening.

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