Sunday, 8 February 2015

Location Change!

Location Change:

We initially decided to complete all our filming in the Hackney Marshes, as there is alot of greenery and the area is quite rural, dark areas which we felt that this could be very fitting for our quite dark and scary title sequence.

We changed our mind and decided to film our scenes in a location closer to us all and a if there is a problem than we can easily get some help, as our college is close. We decided to film our clips in City Road basin (the canal close to there).
We found this area as effective as going to the Marshes, but there was a local pitch that looked very much where youths would hang around in, so that was a very plus to the local.

This is the picture of the pitch that is in our location, the image is quite blurry but the pitch is a large area where we could do most of our filming.

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