Monday, 9 February 2015

Overall production (Filming sessions)

Filming our Title Sequence Scenes

We intended to start our filming on the Monday 26th of January, however one of our group members we not in so that brought back the filming to our three hour lesson on Wednesday 28th of January. However in that lesson me and the remaining group members planned out clearly and carefully what we wanted to film. And therefore that lesson was a productive one, but I had to leave quite early because of an enrichment workshop.

Wednesday 28th January:-

Today was the first day of filming, and we had three hours to complete the planned filming and we were ready to go.
However one key problem that was evident was the weather, on that day it was a very gloomy day and there was a forecast of showers and a lot of wind, and it was very cold. we were originally going to go to Hackney Marshes to film our scenes. However we decided to film closer to college just in case something went wrong whilst we were filming. 

Risk assessment:-
The wind was could be a problem, especially because it is raining, therefore the umbrella might become very difficult to handle and therefore it would be hard to protect the camera.

This resulted in us producing not a lot of footage during that filming session because of the weather. I was extremely upset with that day because it wasn't at all a productive day.

Monday 29th January:-

This  was a very productive day, because we filmed a lot of shots which we reviewed later that day and thought it was a good try but we found that it didn't really have the quality of the type of film we wanted. Therefore it was a good trial for future filming.

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