Thursday, 12 February 2015


  • On the 11/02/15 (yesterday) , in the morning two members of our group went to film some         establishing shots   which you will see  in the beginning of the title sequence. Another member of our group stayed in the college doing some blogging about the pitch presentation. Then at the afternoon we recorded the party and the last part of the party scene.

  • Notice that the first black screen you see is meant to be there but the other ones are just there so we can separate certain scenes as we want to add more things to it.

Teacher's feedback

  1. Transitions : fade in in the beginning;
  2. Zoom in shot in graffiti scene needs to be edited again (NO ZOOM IN !) ;
  3. Flashback scene needs to be edited to make flashback clearer;
  4. More range of shot types during the get together;
  5. Some shots need to be edited a little bit more, some longer some shorter .

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