Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Blogging Health Checks

Blogging Health Check 1

- nicely presented with some nice use of ICT

less strong:
- lots of work missing form the checklist - very behind
- time management - frequency of posting to the blog is an issue

to do:
1. complete all missing work from the research checklist
2. improve your frequency of posting - aim for 3 or 4 times a week
3. keep up to date with blog tasks as we move into the planning stages so you don't fall so behind.

Blogging Health Check 2

Research completed and to a very good standard
Beginning to use a range of ICT to present ideas
Caught up with missing research posts impressively

Less strong:
Lots of planning posts missing  - no pitch, production schedule or storyboard.
Labels for the pitch task isn’t always clear
Frequency of posting to the blog has become more haphazard during planning and filming

To do:
1. Maintain much improved blogging
2. Catch up with and [post all outstanding planning and pitch tasks – the storyboard and production schedule must be posted as a matter of urgency
3. Post up your WIX or a link to it
4. Continue to blog and record evidence of your work whilst filming and editing
5. Consider using an even greater range of ICT to present your ideas

Blogging Health Check 3

1. post your WIX as a link or embed into the blog so that we can see it
2. post visual evidence of your filming (photos, videos etc...) as there is very little at the minute
3. post evidence of editing from each lesson (photos, videos, screen cast commentaries using camtasia etc...)
4. post health check feedback 
5. improve your frequency of posting to the blog - 4 - 5 times weekly in these final stages
6. post a skills reflection blog that reflects on the skills you developed during each stage of the coursework (research, planning, filming, editing and constructing your blog)

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