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Q7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product.?

Comparing the Preliminary task with this title sequence production is rather simple. I must say my experience and ideas of production was very much easier and simpler to understand in this production of the title sequence than it was in the Preliminary task. The number of skills I used was far more than I would have used in the Preliminary task.

The planning for the preliminary task was a longer process and did take time and a range of ideas. I had to research what match cutting was, as my group wished to use it as one of the editing techniques that we would further edit in Final Cut Pro.  We organised who would be the different characters and who would want to film or star in the short Preliminary. This was a quick production, as I felt we planned and mapped out exactly what we wanted to do. In the title sequence planning there was a range of different ideas, that was a good advantage, however the problem we struggled to grip onto one idea and stick to it. During the filming in the Preliminary task I didn't feel that confident in both using the camera and the different types of shots were all new to me, so even through researching what match-cutting was, I however didn't really get a clear sense of what the other shots were and how they adapted to make a good film. Even though I wasn't confident with using the camera, we did have everything mapped out and we knew exactly where we would do our match cuts in our location.

On the other hand, in the title sequence production stage I was far more confident and I felt I took on far more of the filming role and working with the camera, as I gained the confidence as well as the knowledge of how to handle the camera properly. Another skill was we had a more varied idea of the different shots we could use and explore, from the extra close ups of different props to bird eye view, and tracking a character, for example showing the journey they took to get to a certain place.
When editing the preliminary, I felt more confident than I did when filming as I felt on this process I could try different things to see what works well and what does not. For example in Final Cut Pro we used the different shots we needed to create a match cut, but what we found quite challenging was making sure both shots seamlessly flowed into one match-cut. However with many attempts we final cut it down to the exact way we wanted it to look, and using different transitions and effects like slow motion we were able to create our single shots into a sequence that we were really proud of. We also used text on the final cut pro, where we selected the place where wanted it to appear clicking the icon we chose what type of font and size we wanted it to appear in. as well as final cut pro we also used Garage-band, where we collected music to put into our film, I was surprised at the huge variety of different sounds available and I was also able to select the type of emotion of sound I wanted and as our film was based on a tension, and fear; we looked for music that created a tension and fearful atmosphere. I extremely enjoyed the editing process and I felt that was where I work mostly strongly at. In comparison to the editing of the title sequence we used a range of different technologies, such as motion, to create our titles and logos of the production and distribution companies and also final cut pro, garage band. 
I felt that during this editing process I had an already advantage because I had already used the Final Cut Pro and Garage-band, therefore I was able to work well and develop my skills even more using those technologies, I also develop the strong skill of teamwork and working together, quickly and efficiently to get our work done for the deadline. 

This is our logo for title sequence, which we used Motion to create. This was an advanced example of the making titles.

We structured out our editing; some people did the sound on Garage-band and some did the editing of the film on Final Cut Pro. This not only made us work as a team and control our time and work but also I learnt how to be independent and get work done one my own, for example like making the Wix Website and posting blogs independently without the help of my group.  During this entire experience from the Preliminary to now creating our title sequence, I learnt a range of different important skills. One would have to be, working as a team and supporting each other and structuring the work out so that everyone would have a chance to show what they could do. Also I learnt, the different shots you can use to create a sequence that can look professional and effective. The editing process was a huge development for me, as learning the skills to create a logo on motion and use Garage-band to create original music, through my own trial and error process. However as well as some good points, there are also some developments that I would have for future productions. One main one is, PLANNING! I found that our team not carefully planning out the our ideas and knowing and sticking to an idea is key, which would save vital time and energy for the any future production.

This was our prelim video, and compared to our opening sequence has far less skills and techniques.

20. Jessica, Sarene, Eunice, Simona from 283goswell on Vimeo.

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