Thursday, 5 March 2015

Title Credits

Today I  mostly focused on the title credits. I tried different fonts for the title credits so they could differ from the Title's font. After some research I found the perfect font  -- Autos -- which looks like this :
Image result for autos fontI liked this font because it's a little bit blurred  and it has something quite disturbing in it creating a mysterious mood. After I had chosen the font I went to final cut pro, to start "applying" the font in the title sequence. When I done this the title credits looked too plain and boring so I decided to experiment some of the effects and came up with an idea : the title credits will appear in a way that it looks like it's part of the actual scene, then I added to the title credit an effect called "Bad Film" which makes the title credit tremble. Because of some scenes are quite quick I decided to choose special scenes where still inside this scenes I would cut a very short part of it and freeze it in order to the audience have enough time to read which title credit. All of this worked very well. I did all this in Final Cut Pro because it had the font already so there was no need to use Motion.
After I showed to my teacher my title credits , she said some feedback :
  • The first scenes that have a title credit in it look good but the following ones is  a little bit hard to read them due to the fact that some scenes are lighter than others.
  • Don't forget the distribution and production's names written in the title sequence.

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