Sunday, 8 March 2015

Final embedded video deadline reflection

Friday 6th March 2015- Deadline of final cut pro

We spent most of this day adding the final touches to the video by editing on the title credits and making sure that they were all placed in the correct order as well as in the right position to create the best effect. In addition to that, we had to finish off our sound track for the video in 'GarageBand'. As the deadline started closing in we came to realise that we would have to rush in order to actually place the sound track over the video on time. 

By the end, we had a completed sound track, all we had to do was export it and then import into 'Final cut pro'; this was when time was very essential but we didn't have enough of it, so everything after this was very rushed- the sound track didn't exactly match certain key parts to our video so we had to quickly line up the scenes to the sound. Overall, we realised that finalising the sound shouldn't have been left to the last day, instead it should've been finished prior to the deadline. However, although we finished right on time, we still weren't very pleased with the final product, it didn't exactly represent all of the skills we had acquired as a group, but it was still a great video at the end of the day. 

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