Monday, 9 March 2015

Reflection on title sequence


This is the stage that required a lot of thinking and coming up with ideas with the group for our title sequence; also deciding where and when we would add in the title credits including the types of camera shots we would include. However throughout the process we couldn't come up with an established idea; although we did have a rough idea it didn't really benefit us because we didn't have a lot of time left till the filming stage. In the end we had finalized a story (which we posted on the blog) and made into a story board. The story board included various scenes of the title sequence and also th type of shots we would include. However, we didn't come up with the order of title credits at this point so we couldn't place them on the story board yet. A lot of changes were made throughout the production of the title sequence that we should've considered in the planning stage. Implying that we weren't really prepared in the sense that certain parts to the story board weren't possible to re-create. 

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