Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Today we filmed the ending scene for our title sequence. We already had an ending but unfortunately it was not working well with the rest of the title sequence so we decided to take various photos of the central character (Mia) in various positions and angles to convey that she is being watch by someone. In this photos we circled her face (she is a target). Then in a separate paper we made a rough timetable of what she does daily, to emphasise that same person that is watching her is also stalking her. Because we were not aware if this scene would work we also took photos to the photos of Mia being watched but we've decided that the moving image was the best one to use because the photos looked quite random and vey confusing to the audience.  The photos are in black and white and we used specially a red pen to convey some sort of danger.

Below are the photos that we've made.  :

Then after we filmed, I put it up in final cut pro in the title sequence.

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