Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Editing, Title Credits and Sound

  • Today, in the mourning I done lots of editing in the title sequence, then in the afternoon I focused more on the sound with the contribution of the other members of the group. We looked at a range of sounds that in our mind would fit the title sequence. We have chosen intense and mysterious sounds  for the beginning -- the establishing shots. I have recorded some editing that we've done, which will be upload later as it needs to be edited.
  • This particularly sound that we chose was really good because every time you hear the beat, it suddenly changes the scene, having a big impact in the audience's mind. It sets the mood, the location which is urban and the genre.
  • Also I continued to do the title credits. Sarene and Simona had done the Production's logo and I did the Distribution's logo both done in motion. I will upload both of them later on as well.

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