Friday, 6 March 2015

Reflection upon my title sequence


This certainly was the hardest part of all the stages. I guess it was quite hard no only because of the time but also because we had not complete our planning stage properly. We had to some planning at this stage -- (e.g) as i was ordering my scenes in final cut pro i realised we had not have an "ending" for the title sequence, so we spent days thinking what end should we have.Then we decided that our end would be : the killer crossing Mia's name to convey that she is eliminated, that she is dead. But as i joined this scenes to the rest of the title sequence, I, my group and my teacher realised it didn't fit in the title sequence. So on wednesday, two days before the deadline we made a new ending :  Jessica took several photos of me (Mia), then printed in black and white and finally we circled Mia's face in the photos and then made a timetable to convey that she is being watched, someone is stalking her whom is the killer. This time it worked.
I guess one of our big problems in all this coursework was managing time and keep up with the work. The reason might be because looked so far away but suddenly it was knocking the door, i guess it was at this time that "we woke up".
Doing the soundtrack as very very challenging, again because of the time.  It takes quite time to have a good sound track that matches perfectly with the video we are watching , well we did not reach this due to the fact that we left this for the last day, having on mind that we would be finish on time. Even though this happened i am still pleased with the title sequence that i have done.

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