Sunday, 8 March 2015

Overview of Coursework

The researching process was a very important point, it allowed me to look up and familiarise yourself with every bit of the topic.
In this case the research into teen drama was a very important for me to get a clearer sense of what it was truly about. I initially thought, I knew everything about the topic, but I was mistaken!
I had to research what teen drama was and how it is loved and the types of ideas that are used. This research was very very helpful for planning. Also the research into title sequences was very important, as I wasn't really familiar with it and of course for the title sequence, learning about a title sequence was the most important thing.

The planning process was a very large and difficult process but it was an extremely essential part.
The process consisted on us choosing our ideas, picking characters, the location and time managements.
In the future, i will plan extremely carefully as in this was not really what we did during this process. this therefore was why we didn't really have good, productive filming sessions at the beginning and we took a very long time to find a good location.

Filming was I thought was going to be the most easiest moment and it wasnt as simple as first expected. There was many hours lost because of the rain and horrible weather.
The filming was a long process, which included many good and exciting shots and also some bad, but shots that helped us improve.
To improve for future filming, I will plan clearly every step and all the shots we consider doing as we spent many hours changing our ideas to get better ones.

This process consisted of many separate processes, we all sectioned ourselves out.
Some of the editing of clips and others done the title sequences.
This was truly much longer and complicated process that I had first anticipated. However the process of seeing the shots coming together is a very for filling  feeling.

During this coursework, I learnt that planning before you begin doing things is essential and will save time and clearly have a structure for the rest of the group. But I have also taken some skills, like using Final Cut Pro, and motion to create the title sequence. Also I learnt the idea of title sequences and how important they are for the film. The opening credits of the story.

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