Tuesday, 20 January 2015

22. Initial ideas:

Sub genre: Youth drama

Birthday girl: Mia (Eunice), just a normal school girl celebrating her 17th birthday
Stalker: Anonymous (Jessica), clearly someone that wanted revenge
Close friends: Linda, Caitlin, Justice (Simona, Sarene, Jessica)
Other people at the party: Anonymous

Social groups: Students who know how to get wasted at parties and take things way too far. Oblivious to serious situations, for example when they only found out Mia's disappearance the next morning. 


  1. Starts of with a phone ringing/ buzzing in the distant and people are making noises as if the noise is disturbing their sleep. The room is very dingy and filled with smoke, the surroundings are cluttered with empty alcohol bottles and balloons.
  2. Someone picks up the phone and looks around the room for the owner.
  3. Then everything rewinds back to the day before this scene, where Mia (birthday girl) texts her friend saying she's arrived at her surprise party
  4. She walks into the house and is surprised by all her friends. The party commences and the scenery becomes distorted.
  5. In the distorted scenes, it shows the different activities occurring at the part such as: drinking, smoking, balloon inhaling, people dancing, and falling due to alcohol intake.
  6. Mia's phone rings and it's her mum, so she walks outside to pick up the call. She decides to take the call by the forest near to the house. However, someone follows her; the person hides a few times in order to not by spotted by Mia.
  7. As Mia finishes talking to her mum, the stalker hits her and they begin to fight (the screen turns black and only the rustling of leaves and Mia screams can be heard). Then as the camera is picked up we see Mia on the ground with a big rock next to her head with blood on it.
  8. The stalker returns to the party in a hurry.
  9. Mia is missing but nobody notices.
  10. All of a sudden the room goes dark and silence.
  11. Then the scene of the phone ringing is repeated and everyone notices Mia's disappearance. 

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