Saturday, 17 January 2015

how to use garageband

How to use garageband

  1. Open garageband
  2. Another window will pop up allowing you to name your project. Click "create".
  3. click 'new project'
  4. pick the loops
  5. If the loops are closed, just go to the lower left an click on the button which looks like an eye
  6. then you are shown different genres

7. This screenshot is shown after you press 'loop' on garageband. The listing on the right shows all the different options you can pick that you want in your track. The big, space in the middle is the area where you drag the music choice on to it and you can adjust the length you want it to be.

On the left hand side, its where all the tracks would be layered out in rows

8. when you are finished go to the top and click share.

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