Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How to create sound tracks in Garageband?

Create sound tracks on Garageband

Garageband is the key tool in producing your own original sound tracks. In this image on the left, that is what is seen when you open up a new project on Garageband.
You click onto your desired instrument and begin producing. 
When you open up a new project it will be empty so the first step would be is to open up the icon button at the bottom right hand corner to reveal all the sound that you can choose from.
When choosing the sound you can focus on certain themes of music or genres, depending on what you would like your final sound track to sound like. Once you have chosen your desired sound, you then click and drag it into the middle of the screen and then that becomes the first track. Then you continue dragging and dropping until you have got your final desired sound. 

Some of the sounds tend to be quite short so to make it longer you can loop the sound as many times as you want to make it longer.
Finally the last stage is to export your sound into a suitable file that can then be used in final cut pro. You click onto 'Share' and then 'Export song to disk' which will allow you to use it as a portable file.

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