Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Costume Activities - Task 1 ( Memorable costume from teen drama films)

One Teen Drama Film which was memeroble was Mean Girls, a High School Drama film:-

The costume of here is very stereotypical representation of girls and what they like wearing, pink, short skirts. It is evident by the style of the girls that they are popular and they are the ones that all the girls wish to be. The colours are very exaggerated and seems almost un realistic. The make up is big but it isn't as bold and big as I first expected. 

The style of the characters is clearly presented to the audience as quite fake and also could be classed a quite dumb as mostly (stereotypically) the popular girls don't really spend time studying, they just sit around looking at themselves and fixing their make up. It is also evident by the props used that these girls are rich and they don't have to work or do anything for themselves. The way the 4th girl on the right hand side is holding her bags shows the stereotypical way the popular girls in High School Drama films work around.

Youth Drama Film

The stereotypical costume for Youth Drama films is tracksuit bottoms, huddies, dark clothing, creating a style that is the complete contrast to the High School Drama film. The film which presents that is 'Attack the Block', this film is a stereotypical youth drama film, where there is a gang and they have no makeup of course but the clothing is very much simple but yet it is bold and this type of costume is always identified as a stereotypical youth in society now

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