Monday, 5 January 2015

Task 22 : Initial ideas


Sub- genre: Youth drama

Bad girls:
  • Sarene- Sharkisha
  • Jessica- Tyler
Good girls:
  • Eunice- Mia
  • Simona - Linda

  1. Mia is having a nightmare : She leaves the college and Sharkisha and Tyler approach her. Mia was invited to the group and was taken to a party. They all convinced her to drink alcohol and to take drugs. Mia taking them resulted a more, serious effect. She fell down on the floor shaking, crying and screaming.
  2. The shot then takes place where she is near the college sitting down on a bench and has another flashback: Her and her close friend, Spring having fun and being happy together, she thinks about the good friendship she had with her and the unforgettable memories they had together before Mia meeting with the other two bad girls.
  3. After Mia's flashback, Sharkisha and Tyler approached her and asked where she had been and asked if she wanted to do more mischief. The two both seemed very angry and confused, but suddenly Mia saw Spring near the college gate, whilst the girls continued to talk to her, Mia lost concentration and the voices become an echo. Mia seemed to be more captivated towards Spring, but then turned around to face the girls. Spring was hoping that Mia would join her but she didn't, so then Spring carried on walking to go into the college 

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