Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Film (1)


Dark Forest Shadows Wallpaper

The brief outline of the film opening we have decided to create is:
The start of the title sequence starts off with a group of people all passed out in a room and then the camera focuses onto the phone which is on the bedside table. The person the phone belongs to is nowhere to be found. The camera moving around the room, focuses on all the people and them searching for Mia. Then there is a flashback to the night before, Mia comes to a party (in her school uniform) and the camera is in her perspective, as she walks around the camera focuses on different objects to do with teenagers. Different title sequences appear on the screen. Then Mia leaves, whilst talking on her phone the camera is in the perspective of the person behind her, she is taken away and the screen goes black. Then the camera comes back to Mia on the floor, in a forest, hurt and bruised. The mystery person walks away leaving Mia and still the camera is at his perspective. Trap will be a youth drama film, which is  a sub-genre of Teen Drama films.

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