Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Type of title sequence task 2

Question 2:-
We would like to make our title sequence discrete, not telling much of what the film will be about but enough to get the audience thinking about what they just saw. Like the title sequence Seven, it doesn't tell the audience the story, it gives little hints to what it will be about, for example the camera focusing on different things that have meaning to what the film's storyline is.
There the influence for our title sequence was, Seven, because it make the audience think about what the story will be about. 
We intend to take a similar idea of focusing on different items that would give clues to the storyline, in our case, focusing on objects like phones, make up etc, things to do with teenagers

Question 3:- 
The real teen film title sequence which we have been inspired by is Kid-adulthood, in this title sequence there is a large scene of the morning of a normal school day. The camera, crosses around the field and focuses on the different groups that there are and each presenting their problems or opinions of others. This whole title sequence does give the audience an idea of what the story will be about and it introduces us to the main character and the villains in the film. This is effective because it gives the audience a clue to the main storyline. We intend to create a title sequence similar to this, telling a story, but still not so descriptive to get the audience thinking.
We intend to challenge and also conform the openings, as we want our title sequence to give some clues to what the storyline is but also don't hint too much.

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