Saturday, 3 January 2015

Comparing & analysis of title sequences

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (TGWtDT)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo title sequence was very different to the Game of Thrones sequence. Of course the key difference is that one is a TV Drama and the other is a film. However the difference that was evident was the still of the actual sequence. In Game of Thrones the scheme of colour and style was very mystical and magical, whereas the style in TGWtDT is very different as it has a very evil and mysterious style which is very much a gruesome and horrific style, which therefore indicates that this film will not be a lovely happy film. The title sequence indicates clues to the theme and plot of the film, allowing the audience to try and realise, through the numerous clues in the sequence, what type of film it will be.
It starts off with the company's involved with the film (production company's) and followed then by the main actors name. The title of the film then follows. There is a stylised effect of almost ink engulfing the whole screen, again giving another discrete clue to what the film will be about. In this title sequence compared to Game of Thrones, I feel it has a much stronger effect on the audience and makes us feel gripped into the film before it has even began. 

The target audience for this film would be very different, as this film is a quite gruesome and dark film, which would mean older viewers would find it interesting to watch; whereas the TV series (Game of Thrones) would have a larger audience range as the content of the film is not as dark and violent.
As well as making every series interesting, Game of Thrones have to make sure that they keep that intrigue as this will be a far longer stretching watch. In contrast to that, the film above has to increase everything as everything of the story needs to shown in that 158 minutes and needs to keep the audience watching, so therefore the purpose of each film is different in their own way.

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