Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Font styles

Because our film is a youth drama with a twist of horror, we decided to go for a font that would really represent these themes. Also our title sequence is discrete so the font really has to stand out as not much will happen in the background (because we don't want to reveal too much). Our title is 'THE TRAP' which is quite short but catchy and has almost negative feel to it as is the font.

This one created by Film Himmel, works well because of the slashes shown in the font, this creates a horror effect to foreshadow what happens in the actual film

This one created by Iconian fonts also works well due to the blood dripping from the fonts; related well to our film because Mia is found lying on the ground with blood everywhere and
the rock

This one created by Blambot fonts similarly is a good font for a horror theme because its almost as if its been drawn with blood thats started dripping.

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