Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Analysis of 2 title sequences


The title sequence starts off with an image clearly relating to the plot of the film and the family name of the family in the picture; accompanied with a sinister feeling of suspense type of music which is played throughout the title sequence. This title sequence is more discrete because it doesn't actually give out any crucial information on the movie, instead it shows subtle hints. For example the black and white theme that occurs implies that it's most likely to be set in the 70's-80's; also the clothing of the people in the photographs proves this. In addition to this the news articles which present deaths of people/families helps the audience to understand the theme of the movie which basically makes them more interested.Furthermore, as the title sequence continues we can see the director's name is presented on a moving image, then it travels onto the production team's names. And then we are presented with the distribution company- A new line cinema which is now an independent film studio, followed by the directors name 'James Wan who also worked on Insidious. Last but not least the title of the film is presented also on a moving image.


This title sequence starts of with calm soothing music and shows the names of the actors/actresses (cast members). This form of title sequence motion pictures because in the background we can see the different stages of a butterfly's life cycle. Gradually as each actors' name appears on different scenes, the stages of the butterfly develops as does the music which gains momentum with more instruments being played. As the list of the cast is finished it shows the production teams names and is followed by the directors name as well; all presented on moving images. Finally the title appears with in the background is a fully developed butterfly and at this stage the melody has reached it's optimum.

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