Sunday, 4 January 2015

Target Audience

Target Audience interview of a teenager

What is a Target audience?
Target audience is when a specific group of people are within the target market at which the product or marketing message is aimed at, in film there are different ranges of audiences.
The concept of getting the right target audience can become quite daunting, as picking the right one is what ensures the film is successful.

Planning who the target audience will be at the beginning of the pre-production of the film because then it becomes as a guideline for the producers and tells them what type of content they can allow.

Who is the target audience for Teen Dramas?
I think the answer is in the name 'Teen Drama'. The target audience is of course teenagers ranging from the ages of 12-17. Teen Drama films which have male characters that are good looking become extremely popular with girls for example (Twilight). Most of the viewers would have been girls ranging between 13-17.

However I realised through my research that many teenagers and young adults don't like watching Teen Drama films as they can become very predictable and almost boring. But that might be why somehow we still go and watch them when they are released.


I surveyed 20 different teenagers, and as seen in the pie chart, most people chose the genres comedy and horror, then teen drama and then animation and thriller had the least.
I wasn't surprised when comedy came first, as it was a popular genre in my class so there was a very good chance it would be similar with other teenagers.

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