Tuesday, 6 January 2015

    Xmas homework: task 20

 Attack The Block

Youth Drama!
List the title credits and the order they appear in:

  • Studio Canal features 
  • Film 4 and UK film council presents
  • A big talk pictures production
What 'type' or category of title sequence does the film have? How do you know this?
  •  The title sequence appeared on a blank screen /(black background) then showed the image of the woman talking on the phone, then back to the blank screen to show more credits.
Who is/ are the producer(s)? Is it a mainstream or independent production?
  • The producers: Nira Park and James Wilson
  • Executive producers: Matthew Justice, Tessa Ross, Jenny Borgas, Will Clarke, Oliver Courson and Edgar Wright.
  • It is an independent production
What story lines or plots are introduced in the film's opening? 

  • Firstly, some sort of shooting star is shown
  • The view of the city in London is shown
  • The viewing of the train station is shown and a lady leaves whilst talking on the phone
  • The area is full of people and the lady makes her way past the market stalls 
  • She walks into a dark street where we can see houses along the side
  • The lady then walks into a dark, scary alley way where no one is around
  • The viewing of the graffiti could suggest that it is a gang like area
  • Whilst the women ends the call she notices that there are a group of boys on bikes wearing black masks, she is scared
  • The lady crosses the street to try to avoid them but they all approach her
  • The guy was right in front of her and commanded he wanted her phone and ring
  • The lady struggles to remove her ring and the guy got impatient, he grabbed her and pushed her on the floor.
  • All the gang members surrounded her, she gave the boy the ring and out of nowhere a figure of light shone on them, however it was a 'thing' crashing down towards them.
  • They all ducked and it landed on to a car
  • The woman ran away
  • The main character walked closer to the car and went inside, but then an alien appeared and attacked. The guy stabbed the alien on the neck and it ran away
Who are the main characters?
  • Moses: John Boyega
  • Sam: Jodie whittaker
  • Pest: Alex Esmail
  • Jerome: Leeon Jones 

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