Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Edited sound remake

Task 27 : ' 10 things I hate about you' 
remake garageband sound 

We were introduced to Garageband before this lesson but as a result of not using it much during the lessons we forgot the basic things you need to do to ensure you get a sound fit for our title sequence. 
We were told how to choose the right project for our production of our sound and in this remake task we were able to practice these new skills.
We had to remove the original sound and from there we began creating our own sound for the film, there was a range of different choses of sound and that made it quite difficult to choose, Also making sure we save as we go along.

Here I dragged in another sound to add some more rhythm to the track and also the sound needs to fit it with the plot of the story and the surroundings it is in.

I was able to adjust the fade in and fade out of the sound, this allowed me to introduce other sounds without making it clash. I selected the area I wanted to change and I free to change it how I desired.
Finally the last job was to export it but selecting 'expert setting' was important to ensure the video is exported properly.
I enjoyed creating this sound track it allowed be to get some practice on how to use to properly and understand all the tools so that when it comes to creating a sound track for the title sequence, I know what to do.

The final video was far too long for posting onto the blog, which meant I had to go onto 'Handbrake' and compress it.

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