Tuesday, 20 January 2015

9.10.11 use for class

Sound design

9a.) We plan to use mostly diegetic sound: music coming format he party; ringing/ buzzing from the phone calls that Mia receives. Also rustling of the leaves when Mia is being attacked by her stalker. In addition to that, the different sounds that come from the party such as laughter, popping of balloons.
On the other hand we also plan to use non-diegetic sound: such as the blow to the head that Mia receives.

Title credits

10a.) Our title credits will look similar to many youth dramas however with a slight twist as our film is more on the horror side too. So the font will be more dramatic and dark. We plan to make the title sequence a discrete one so that not much is revealed within the first 15 seconds or so.
b.) We plan to use FCP because it allows us to edit our videos more efficiently and it's less time consuming than using Motion5, for example when it comes to rendering parts of the timeline  its much easier to do whereas with motion you would have to do that manually. In regards to that, FCP is more suited for editing videos.

Cinematic details

11a.) Our animatic storyboard:

Our original full story board:

b) At the beginning we will use a wide shot in order to show the full surrounding of the room everyone is located in, also allowing the audience to see the phone ringing in the distance. This transitions into a close up of the phone showing the many messages Mia received. In the title sequence there will be many Canted angle shots  and handheld shot movements because the party will be seen from one of the students at the party's perspective (as if the audience are actually experiencing the party too). Over the shoulder shot to view Mia's phone when she picks up the calls from her mum. Then a bird's eye shot when Mia is laying on the ground after being hit by the rock. Furthermore, when the stalker swiftly runs back to the party we will use track shot movement to show this. Overall the type of camera shots that we will use will present distorted images in order to show that this was always filmed from a person's perspective (which changes each time throughout the title sequence)

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