Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Pitch tasks 4,5,6

4) Representation

Which characters will you introduce in your title sequence? 
The protagonist : Mia . and her three friends

What different social groups are evident in your opening?
In our opening there will not be a range of social groups but mainly the hard-partying students. 

5) Institutional Detail

1. Will your film be mainstream or independent ?
Our film will be independent.

2.Which company(ies) will produce and distribute your film?
We will have four companies producing our film : 

Our film distributor will be : 

As we said before our film will be a independent production which will affect tremendously in our type of titles and credits. This is because this type of films have to rely on a low budget which does not allow them to have a bigger cast like in a mainstream production which can have a very high budget and have more actors. Also this ownership affects  the availability of the hardware and the type of title sequence. Because we cannot afford to waste a lot of money we have to rely on the cheapest. 

                                    6) Audience Detail
Who is your core target audience?
Our core audience is teenagers between 15-19 years old.

Who is your wider target audience?
Our wider audience is young adults and adults between 20-35 years old.

How will you attract them to your film?
The film will deal with teenage issues (parties, drugs, alcohol) which instantly attracts our core audience because lots of them are in touch with this kind of issues, so they can easily relate with our film. Also the film will be located in London, where lots of young people live. Another thing that will attract my audience is the cast. The cast involves mostly teenagers/young people, with maybe similar personalities with some of the audience.

How will you address them in your title sequence?
Firstly by our title because loads of teenagers/young people nowadays are trapped in a addictive lifestyle, they get used to this "so famous" lifestyle that they cannot see the way out of it. Secondly we will try to address them by our mise-en-scene which will be quite expressive and there will be a lot to interpreted by it. The type of sound will relate to our audience. it is modern and popular.

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